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Privacy Policy

Last update (d/m/y): 24/07/2024

Dario Passariello is committed to protecting the privacy of its users. The privacy policy of our website provides clarification on the types of information collected and relevant procedures, as well as the use and protection of such information.

Personal information

To be able to process some functions such as sending messages, pre-registration, mailing lists, newsletters, you need to collect your personal information. Such information may include (where applicable) the name, address, phone number, e-mail / IP.

The personal information collected may be used for the following purposes: to contact you in case of a time variation of the cancellation of the same courses, verification / monitoring of communications, administrative and legal purposes, detection / prevention of crimes, statistical analysis and market, systems audits, surveys with customers, relations communications with customers.

Personal Information may also be disclosed to affiliated companies Dario Passariello has charge of data processing or with the prior consent, to managers of related services such as partner or service.

Dario Passariello follows strict security procedures regarding the storage and processing of personal data of users / customers.

Site monitoring

Dario Passariello uses software to monitor the traffic of users / customers and usage of the site, in order to better development of the structure and layout of the website. The software does not allow Dario Passariello to detect the user's personal data.


Dario Passariello has limited the use of cookies in order to make this less invasive system possible. The use of cookies allows Dario Passariello to improve service and provide some useful features to the customer. Cookies are small text files that the browser transfers within the visitor's hard drive and allow a Dario Passariello to recognize your browser and to facilitate access to the site. The use of cookies allows Dario Passariello to better understand what products and services are adapted more to the needs of the customer. Cookies contain additional customer information thereby to identify the customer's computer while browsing the site. Most Web browsers automatically accept cookies; However, if you wish, you can set your browser not to accept them. In most browsers the question mark on the toolbar provides information on how to not accept new cookies, how it should be reported receiving a new cookie or how to disable cookies altogether. Cookies used by Dario Passariello do not detect any data stored on your computer. For more information about cookies and how to prevent them from being installed, visit the following Web site: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_cookie

Links to third party web sites

This privacy statement covers only the Web sites under the ownership and control of Dario Passariello does not include links to other Web sites and, therefore, any information collected by the parties that own and control those Web sites and their methods of use of cookies. Keep in mind that individual organizations act according to their own policies regarding the use and sale of personal data and how we use cookies. To learn about the way the other sites will use the personal data of the customer, read its privacy policy or, if the site does not contain this information, contact the company in question. Data storage by third-party Web sites is in a totally independent of Dario Passariello.


To Dario Passariello is of utmost importance to ensure the security of the site. We, however, provided data are protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and is sicure for send data, data banks, credit cards information with our systems.


You can request a copy of personal information collected at our office.

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2024-07-24 Jul 24th, 2024
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